Magicman get certified for successfully reducing harmful vehicle emissions

Gold for Being Green

This week we received our first certificate that shows that Magicman reduced harmful CO2 or CO2-equivalent vehicle emissions by 28,283 kg in 2017. 

Here in the UK, recent studies estimate that air pollution is responsible for approximately 40,000 early deaths a year. Poor air quality is a serious issue and a daunting challenge. Since Magicman are a nationwide service and conduct repairs on site, we have a large fleet of around a hundred Volkswagen vehicles, many of which are in urban areas, especially in and around London.

We have a responsibility to ensure our vehicles produce cleaner emissions. As such we started fitting Volkswagen AdBlue and BlueMotion to our fleet. This technology reduces harmful CO2 and equivalent emissions as well as improving fuel efficiency.  A win/win for all sides.

Currently, 60% of our vehicles are fitted with fuel monitoring and harmful emission-reducing technology. This is part of an on-going programme which we hope to improve on in future years, so our customers can truly say we are 'the greener solution'.

CO2 emissions reduction certificate

AdBlue is a second small tank adjacent to the fuel tank that injects a clear, nontoxic solution into the SCR catalyst and converts NOx into a cleaner mixture of nitrogen and water vapour, thereby reducing harmful emissions.

BlueMotion model vehicles feature a combination of technologies that are designed to increase fuel economy and decrease emissions. They automatically deactivate the engine when the vehicle comes to a standstill,energy lost in braking is recycled and used for acceleration, they have reduced
friction tyres, aerodynamic styling and turbocharged engines for lower fuel consumption.