Fantastic Portico

First impressions matter and perhaps none more than that of any visitors who encounter the grand entrance to your premises for the first time. Whether it be your headquarters, a courthouse, hotel, hospital or as in this case a care home, the condition and overall aesthetics of your premises should fill your clientele with confidence.

This huge ornate canopy with roman doric pillars and a balustrade of stone dollies originally bared the secrets of its construction for all to clearly see. Magicman was hired by the customer to make the entire edifice look like one piece of stone and create a sense of grandeur as intended in its design.

Ornate canopy restored by Magicman

The finished article - an ornate canopy

Although we don't use the term much these days, Magicman are technically speaking 'fine finishers'. It may sound a little old fashioned in today's modern and fast paced world but it is an accurate description is often applied to Magicman's repair and restoration services. Here is a job that encapsulates the ethos behind that terminology and our pride in our work.

Before works were carried out

Before any works were carried out

These particular works required two Magicman Technicians, our stone specialist Will accompanied by recent addition Ben, a week and a half to complete, working externally and at height on a raised platform.

 Work in progress

Joins were filled ad any raised lipping was stripped back and smoothed out, then the whole piece was colour matched and sprayed with multiple layers of specialist stone paint. The customer was so pleased that they are now looking at treating other parts of the building.


stonework resurfacing exterior external portico canopy entrace building


Magicman are following Government Guidance on the control of the coronavirus (Covid-19) and take the health and safety of their staff and customers extremely seriously. All our technicians are checked daily that they are safe to work and we do not attend any jobs where the customer has self-isolated. When our technicians are attending, they are wearing throwaway gloves and masks as necessary.

Our call centre staff are all in the office as usual and available to deal with all enquiries and immediate bookings. We are currently trying to deal with all bookings as fast as possible and to attend and complete works within 48 hours if achievable. Our repairs are carried out with the minimum of disruption and items are often back in use within a matter of hours.

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