Proud to carry the Living Wage Mark

November 5th to 10th 2018 is Living Wage Week when the Living Wage Foundation recalculates the real minimum wage for the UK and London. The new rates are £9 per hour across the UK with the higher London Living Wage of £10.20 per hour where living costs are highest.

Magicman are proud to hold the Living Wage Mark which demonstrates to our customers that we are a responsible employer as shown below in the hands of our CEO Mark Henderson.

Holders of the Living Wage Mark are accredited by the Living Wage Foundation and commit to ensuring that employees receive the Living Wage or above, including updated rates within 6 months. Magicman pays all their employees across the UK more than the London Living Wage.

The real Living Wage is not to be confused with the government's own national minimum wage which is lower than that set by the Living Wage Foundation.

For more information about how the Living Wage works, please watch this video:


Become a Living Wage Employer.





Magicman are following Government Guidance on the control of the coronavirus (Covid-19) and take the health and safety of their staff and customers extremely seriously. All our technicians are checked daily that they are safe to work and we do not attend any jobs where the customer has self-isolated. When our technicians are attending, they are wearing throwaway gloves and masks as necessary.

Our call centre staff are all in the office as usual and available to deal with all enquiries and immediate bookings. We are currently trying to deal with all bookings as fast as possible and to attend and complete works within 48 hours if achievable. Our repairs are carried out with the minimum of disruption and items are often back in use within a matter of hours.

Please call 0345 458 1010 or email [email protected] as usual.

For further guidance please visit the Government website: