Magicman in pole position

To usher in the official opening of Britain’s newest landmark, the Heart Breakfast radio show broadcast live from 450 feet above Brighton beach and Magicman were there with the first ever advertisement performed completely live from the British Airways i360.

Watch the video highlights:  

The i360 opened to the general public on 4th August 2016 and Heart Radio's Nicola and Jack were, broadcasting Heart Breakfast from the laminated glass observation pod of the world's highest moving observation tower, complete with an audience of 100 competition winners and guests, taking flight to a height of 450 feet. 

Heart Breakfast’s Nicola and Jack hosted a special one-off show where everything was performed live. The presenters interacted with a live audience, the links were read live by an announcer, and of course the advertisements were also performed live. 

Magicman are the very first company to have an advert performed and broadcast live from the i360 but also the first on Heart Sussex. Four voice-over artists took to a specially built stage in costume, holding a vintage radio set and waving Union Jacks live an improv comedy quartet and gently mocked the Pathé News Reels of yesteryear. 


It was all tongue in cheek good-humoured fun in the style of Magicman’s radio campaign currently voiced by comedian Harry Enfield. The script, a one-off written especially for the event, was funny, the audience responsive and the atmosphere great.

Watch the highlights video on YouTube

Special thanks to Miles Torrent , Giles Channon and everyone at Heart.