Magicman put dent in hospice bill

Magicman are best known for making dents, scratches, holes and burns disappear but for once they decided to create some damage – to the running costs of a children’s hospice by covering their entire running costs for 10 Days.

Chestnut Tree House, has become a charity close to the heart of Mark Henderson, owner and CEO of the popular surface restoration company, after he was moved by the testimony of parents at the Snowman Spectacular Fundraising Ball last year.

Chestnut Tree House provide specialist care and support to around 300 children with life-shortening conditions and their families across East Sussex, West Sussex and South East Hampshire. The cost of providing this vital service is in excess of £3.5 million per year, yet the hospice receives less than 7% central government funding.

It relies heavily on the support of individuals and the local business community to continue providing vital care to local children and families. Although Magicman provide a nationwide service, their headquarters, call centre and training academy are in Sussex.

Magicman donate 10 days costs at the Chestnut Tree House children's hospice

Juliette MacPherson, Magicman CEO Mark Henderson and daughter Holly, and Derwyn Jones chairman of the board of trustees, Chestnut Tree House

Mark is especially keen to champion the Pay for a Day scheme which encourages individuals and companies to donate the entire running costs of the hospice service for 24 hours. So much so that he has committed Magicman to Pay for 10 Days this year, a total contribution of over £68,000.

Juliette MacPherson Fundraising Development Manager at Chestnut Tree House said:

Since we opened in 2003, the number of children we care for has increased from 30 to over 300, and during this time the children we are caring for have become more complex. We are only able to reach more families and increase our services thanks to the support and generosity of the local community.

“The support from people like Mark and companies like Magicman is invaluable to us. It costs £6,850 per day to provide all our specialist care services – both at the hospice and out in the community. Less than 7% of this comes from central government so we rely heavily on the support and generosity of the local community. Paying for 10 days of care is extremely generous, and we are so grateful for Magicman’s on-going support.”

If you are interested in the Pay for a Day scheme, please email [email protected]

For more information visit the official Chestnut Tree House website: