Many Happy Returns for Techs

How Magicman's services for household insurers re-joined the fight to reduce Britain's repairs backlog. 

Following the uncertainty of the last 7 months, Magicman’s insurance division is delighted to report a significant return to the homes of policy holders for Magicman repair technicians following a healthy rise in new claims since the end of July.

During lockdown and even in the weeks following relaxation of the rules, the UK public were understandably reluctant to welcome contractors into their homes or businesses generating a repair backlog for many sectors expected to run well into 2021. However, the reassurance provided by strict safeguarding measures, full PPE adherence and technician professionalism whilst social distancing has generated confidence for these repair visits to re-commence and the mountain of damage items to be addressed.


This boost in new claims has coincided with an internal re-evaluation of the types of hard surface damage and repair solutions now available to insurers and their policy holders. This relatively recent enhancement to the Magicman service offering came about from a gradual awareness built up through more traditional insurance service providers, such as building surveyor networks and flooring validators utilising Magicman’s hard surface repair skills to the insurance industry on a sub-contractual basis.

A selection of the hundreds of Magicman repairs available

Magicman, who have been synonymous with quality craftsmanship in the hard surface repair market for nearly 3 decades, really only entered the insurer service provision sector 10 years ago. The fact that Magicman did not fit into one of the traditional supplier channels was initially a real challenge until one main insurer had the foresight to trial appointing Magicman directly for claims to any hard surface within (or to the exterior) of the home.  This decision was quickly proven to be an inspired one as significant claim savings (c.£900 per claim) and the shortening of claim lifecycles was quickly apparent from this ‘repair don’t replace’ philosophy.

Moving forward to the present day and Magicman are contracted suppliers to half of the Top 10 home insurers in the UK and making gains with an ever expanding list of clients.


The unique nature of Magicman repairs are a perfect fit for the insurance industry as the longevity of repairs completed through an engineered lasting process provides insurers and their customers with the results that cannot be achieved from alternative, short-lived cosmetic ‘touch up’ processes offered by re-finishing organisations.

Within Magicman head office near Brighton in East Sussex, a dedicated Insurance Team manage claims in conjunction with technical experts who have years of field experience in restoration to any substrate. These experts analyse photographs of damage to determine repair feasibility which in most cases negate the need for a survey visit. In-situ repairs are almost always carried out on the first repair visit with many repaired items being back in use within hours. Inspection report visits are always available as well if required.

Magicman vehicles are uniquely equipped to carry materials and products required to mix specific colours and specialist fillers on site without the need for pre-repair sample visits etc. All Magicman directly employed technicians undergo an intensive induction and training at the Magicman Training Academy, opened in 2016 in the vicinity of Head Office.


We are pleased to say that the collaborative relationship with our insurer clients has allowed us to develop this service and learn from the peculiar challenges that operating in this industry can bring, particularly the insurance customer mind-set. In the other sectors where Magicman operate – construction, cruise and domestic work being the main three, clients are positively inclined towards and hopeful of a successful repair whereas in the insurance arena, a number of customers are looking for a new item when they claim and a repair is not the outcome they were looking for!

That said, although sceptical of a positive repair outcome, the majority of insurance customers are perfectly reasonable and open to persuasion. Great job satisfaction comes with transforming a sceptical customer into one looking to re-appoint Magicman for other non-insurable repairs, improvements and refurbishments following the successful job !


From an insurer perspective, Magicman’s involvement also results in a high number of claim ‘walkaways’ as the new bathroom suite, kitchen doors or stone floor will not be forthcoming as the damage sustained causing the claim has been deemed repairable causing these customers to ‘live with’ the damage rather than pay their policy excess and potentially increase future premiums. Many then choose to have this damage repaired privately by Magicman anyway !

The list of items repaired in the last 5 years saving hundreds of thousands of pounds for our clients is long and varied but sanitary ware, worktops, wall and floor tiles, doors, laminate and wooden flooring, kitchen units and free-standing furniture are amongst the most repaired items inside the home and brickwork, fascias and uPVC repairs are commonplace to the exterior of the properties.


As we move into the next few years when we will hopefully transition to an improved ‘normal’, the huge sustainability benefits of repairing rather than replacing damaged items, the speed of claim resolution and the significant cost savings to insurers will further cement the great relationship that Magicman have with the insurance industry.

We would be delighted if you didn’t just take our word for it but sample our wide range of repair services for yourself!

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