Martlets (Not) Taking It Slow

Last year Martlets Hospice created an eye-catching art installation around the city of Brighton and Hove called Snowdogs By The Sea.  The event attracted a great deal of publicity both for the charity and the city but when it ended, the huge sculptures of The Snowdog (from The Snowman and The Snowdog animated cartoon) were auctioned off in a fund-raiser.

Prior to auction, Magicman was called in to help restore several Snowdogs that had suffered surface damage, during the period of the installation. Head of Technical Services Kevin Maxted and Head of Training Stephen Shaw were happy to volunteer their time and expertise. The event overall raised over £310,000 for the hospice charity.

Of course an event so successful would have to be run again and because of our prior involvement, we were invited to the  big unveiling of whatever Martlets had in mind for 2018. At the Theatre Royal in Brighton today,  Norman Cook a.k.a.Fat Boy Slim revealed the new statue that will form the basis of the 2018 installation which is …. a snail.

Well even though Martlets chose a shelled gastropod mollusc, no one can accuse them of taking it slow. Martlets want to go bigger in 2018 with at least 50 sponsored statues on the Snailway and are promising an international aspect to the campaign.

Their message is to #BeMoreSnail, take time to enjoy life, drink in your surroundings and smell the roses a little.

Here are some photos of the big ‘unsnailing’ on the stage of the Theatre Royal and outside.

The snail equivalent of glitterati

Take is slow and feel groovy on Martlets' Snailway in 2018

Snaill statues unveiled outside the Theatre Royal in Brighton