Paul Daniels will be missed after final radio campaign

Everyone at Magicman was sad to hear the news today of the passing of iconic magician Paul Daniels and would like to send our heartfelt condolences to Debbie McGee and his children Martin, Paul and Gary.  

It is perhaps ironic that his last work was to record a series of radio adverts for Magicman, a pivotal moment for us being the first time we have used radio, but also in keeping with his mischievous sense of humour and utmost professionalism. 

He was able to indulge in a little self-mockery for the benefit of Magicman and for listeners.  We were privileged to be in on the joke and wished we could have laughed just a little longer.

Paul was best known as an illusionist but he reached a level of fame where even his voice alone was instantly recognisable.  Not something you could say about any other TV and stage magician. He will be sadly missed 'quite a lot'.