Magicman Ltd are delighted to announce that they have been awarded a 3-year contract by insurance giant RSA, to conduct in situ hard surface repairs across all claim perils.

The new partnership recognises the incredible savings to be made, much-improved claim cycle resolution time and environmental benefits achieved by performing on-site repairs to damaged items.

In addition, Magicman’s innovative IT systems that allow damage to be viewed and evaluated live via smartphones helps identify potential insurance fraud and significantly improves customer service outcomes. Magicman’s Net Promoter Score (NPS) of +71 is indicative of the performance levels that can be achieved when synergy exists between a client and contractor.

Magicman CEO Mark Henderson said of the joint venture:

“It is refreshing to work with RSA who have really stolen a march in this field. Even though they are an enormous company and recognised as a world market leader, they display a willingness to embrace new ideas and ways of working. This deal would not have been possible without the tenacity and forward thinking of Geoff Bates and Teresa Ford who became our champions within RSA and really understand what Magicman has to offer.

“Special praise must be attributed to our enquiries (triage), scheduling and technical teams who deliver superlative service to our clients on a daily basis. A special mention goes to Wayne Bowers (Head of Sales) for facilitating this stride into the insurance market.”