First Class Training at the new Magicman Academy

Magicman is the only fully accredited repair company in the UK and that is partly due to the intensive 5 week training course that every new Magicman repair technician must pass before being allowed into the field. More than a hundred technicians have successfully passed through the Magicman Training Academy programme and it has been so successful that last year plans were laid to expand it. 

The Training Academy was moved to a custom fitted building, with new state of the art equipment, adjacent to Magicman Head Office and was finally open to new recruits in 2016.

Magicman technicians receive their training certficates

The first class to emerge from the new bigger and better training facilities. 

Under the stewardship of Training Manager Steve Shaw, trainees learn how to complete permanent repairs to all types of hard surfaces in a variety of environments including domestic, commercial, hospitality, insurance, new build and cruise.

Magicman is as much a restoration company as a repair service so trainees also learn about colour theory and how to perfectly mix and match any colour, grain or pattern by eye. Common repairs include scratches to wood or laminate flooring, cracked tiles and burns to polished stone worktops where colours have changed over time or patterns or grains are complex. Replicating these is the key to making the repair as undetectable as possible to the human eye which is the ultimate aim of every Magicman technician and why they all carry colour matching kits on their vans.

Magicman use only fully researched and custom profiled products that are only available to the construction trade and are constantly looking for new solutions. Trainees are taught to use these products correctly, safely and responsibly. 

Health and Safety is an integral part of the training process and Magicman’s daily operations. To that end, Magicman engaged external advisers to design, implement and annually audit their Health and Safety procedures. These include Portable Appliance Testing (PAT),  City & Guilds assessment, PASMA, IPAF, Asbestos Awareness, toolbox talks, new product and refresher training, health screening, COSHH, Risk Assessment, first aid and fire regulatory requirements. 

Finally, trainees are ingrained with excellent customer service skills from being polite to removing work boots where appropriate. All staff wear Magicman uniform, even those in the call centre who only meet customers over the phone. Technicians drive only Magicman liveried vans, carry ID and undergo background checks. After buddying up with experienced technicians and receiving their certificates, newly qualified repair technicians are then ready to help customers nationwide.

We are delighted to offer our congratulations to Ross, Stuart, Derek, Bogdan, Michael and Robert. They worked hard and will be great additions to Team Magicman.

Hopefully, this article has given you some insight into the amount of work, planning and back-office support that goes into training each and every Magicman. 

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