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"Having recently had a repair done to my caravan worktop, I was highly delighted at the end results, done by a very friendly,helpful and competent Technician."

"Therefore I would have no hesitation in recommending Magicman to all."

Brian Leeson, Thornaby on Tees

"Brilliant job done by Simon. The contact and service was A class. Very happy with my repair that i was previously told could not be repaired by another contractor. Thank you "

Will Flaherty, Coventry

"Just had a visit from tech called Simon who I understand is the tech for the midlands area. He has just done an excellent repair on my worktop which had a chip. First class service, Simon was polite and courteous and took pride in the job. Would definitely recommend and not hesitate to use again thank you "

"Donna Groom"

"Oscar Homes "


"Warwickshire "

Donna From Oscar Homes, Warwickshire

"Yesterday I had Pete here to do some repairs to tiles in my kitchen and bathroom having just moved into a different house. What a great job he did! I knew the reputation of the company but had no idea that the tiles would be repaired to a condition that I couldn’t see where the problems had been. Pete was efficient, professional and polite and respected our home at all times. I will definitely ask for Pete if I need him in the future and would have no hesitation in recommending this company."

Sue, Rowlands Castle Hampshire

"A fantastic result on my light blue bath. Great colour match. I can’t see the difference at all. Adam was a great technician. So very grateful. Thanks. "

John , London

"Exceptional care was taken by Jamie in restoration of 3 areas of our floor today and we are very pleased indeed with the results. Jamie was also very pleasant, polite and helpful, so we are very satisfied customers!"

Chris & Chris Honeywill , Malvern

"Exceptional care has been taken with the restoration of 3 areas of our floor and we are very pleased indeed with the results."

Chris & Chris Honeywill, Malvern

"I've just had my UPVC window frame repaired and I'm MORE than PLEASED with the Service and Result."

"Chris arrived early and waisted no time getting on with the job and reassuring me that the repair would leave no trace of damage. The damage was Ugly and it was hard to Imagine there wouldn't be Some indication. Chris enjoys his work and it shows in the way he talks you through, Step by Step, the process of the repair."

"I can't Thank Chris enough. A Very Pleasant and Amiable Guy and More than happy to answer any questions you have."

"I would be, Very happy to recommend Magicman to Any potential Customers."

John Dean, Bletchley, Milton Kynes

"Jamie Brennan did a superb job repairing oak veneered doors, where the veneer had been chipped off by some cowboy "carpenters' who had trimmed them, and making good a series of surface scratches where the same doors had come into contact with our gravel drive. Brilliant couldn't recommend highly enough."

K R Malone, Stroud

"David come to repair the chip on our kitchen tiles, did a great job. He was really polite and helpful "


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