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"2 kitchen cupboard doors had been damaged by installers during the installation of an Integrated dish washer. Magicman was selected by the installers to repair their damage and we awaited Magicman's visit with some trepidation. However, your technician Wayne arrived on time and imbued confidence from the moment he walked through the door. Pleased to say that confidence was well founded. Wayne has done a very good job and we are well pleased. The installing company should also be grateful to Magicman for rectifying their problem."

Sandra Shortland, Folkestone

"Builder chipped brand new shower tray. Magicman repaired small chip and it looked good as new. However, just after 1 year, there is now a large, unsightly discoloured patch that looks worse than the original chip. No cleaning products have been used on the surface, only shampoo and shower gel. Surely these should be ok as it’s a shower and needs to be used as such. If this is resolved satisfactorily I will amend my review. "

Julie May, Longfield

Julie thank you for your review. Even a negative review is valuable and an opportunity to improve our service. We are sorry that our repair failed on this occasion. We carry out hundreds of repairs every day and only a handful fail. When successful they are also usually permanent. Our Customer Care team have reviewed your case and agree. We will send someone out to restore the discolouration even though it is outside the warranty period.

"We had a scratch on our composite door and now you cannot even tell that there was anything wrong with it! Amazing work."

Hayley , Newport

"The service is excellent. l am over the moon with the work carried out. The service man was very professional from start to finish, really pleasant man. Fantastic work to a very badly burnt kitchen work surface and drawer. Very clever. A massive thank you."

Debi Thorowgood, Bideford

"Excellent job done by Stuart couldn’t even see where the marks were on my bifold doors. Amazing. Thank you."

Amanda Martin, Rugby

"Stuart came to repair our bath today. His work is excellent, it looks like a new bath. He was really pleasant and got on with the job. We are extremely satisfied. An excellent company. Thank you. "

Teresa Williscroft , Burntwood Staffs

"A job well done, arrived before time, excellent colour match, no mess and very pleasant technician. Thank you very much."

William Burrows, Maidstone

"Brilliant service delighted with results. Technician very polite and courteous, quickly and skillfully repaired our bath as new."

Mrs Llewellyn, Nuneaton

"An excellent job done on repairing damaged granite work top. Punctual and polite and very tidy."

Terence Paddenburg, Hove

"They say 4 days to get back to you what a joke three weeks on. Rubbish work, wrong colour, crack reappeared JOKE JOKE JOKE."

Mrs invisable, Merseyside

"Had a scratch in brand new work top Ash completely removed. No mess left, very pleased, would recommend."

Hazel Cairns , Margate

"Absolutely brilliant repair job which I never thought would be able to be repaired. Great worker, very pleased indeed."

Linda O'Brien , Sunderland

"Prompt and friendly technician who did an excellent job on repairing chipped kitchen sink. Can't see where it's been repaired."

Lynn Ibbetson, Gateshead

" We found two chips in a newly installed bath, so we booked a repair and hoped for the best. We are so pleased with the results and the bath looks as good as new. Very happy customers - thank you!"

Lorraine Hallett, Worthing

"Nick did a fantastic job repairing scratches in my bath and flooring, even blending in the wood effect - I couldn't tell by eye or touch even from up close. He was very friendly and efficient."

Liam, Surbiton

"Very pleased with the outcome. "

Anne Rowe, Farnborough

"Absolutely superb job, 4 kitchen cabinets repaired and perfect match on white gloss. I was sceptical as I was asked to pay before the job was carried out but glad I did!"

Steve Miller, Maidstone

"Prompt. Efficient service who explained everything thoroughly .excellent result "

Pam johnson , Swanage

"Fantastic repair and finish to eight holes in my stone fireplace, Blends in perfectly. Stuart was polite, friendly and professional. Excellent job, thank you."

Lesley Street, Birmingham

"Dean arrived earlier than expected and did a brilliant job of repairing my caravan worktop. I would recommend him to anyone who has a chip or crack in the worktop. Many thanks Dean for a job well done."

Roger, Derby

"Outstanding repair. Following a shower screen collapse the bath surface was left with scratch marks especially around the plug hole. After the repair there was no visible sign at all. Ok, it is a repair and not a replacement but the overall effect is as good. The booking process was quick and efficient and John, who carried out the repair, was very courteous, skilful and tidy. A bad experience was rectified as if by magic!"

Julian Stevens, Findon

"Super polite, got the job done and explained everything along the way. Fantastic finish to two holes and a burnt mark on the kitchen work surface. It blends in perfectly. Thank you 😊 "

Michelle Barrett , Hove

"Prompt service, knowledgeable tech, excellent repair. All good."

David Hilder, Hastings

"Our bespoke glass frames needed specialist treatment with a finish to match other figments and the technicians set to undertake a fantastic piece of work. Thoroughly professional, with an attention to detail that left me aghast when completed. Thoroughly recommend Magicman, no job too small. Many many thanks ."

Andrew, Farnham

"My bath had 5 chips after a shower screen crashed into it and it looked a little unsightly. Today you would never know those chips even existed. The repair work is excellent, and it looks nearly new. Your technician, Ashley, was polite, courteous and very efficient and I was impressed with his professionalism and skill. Would highly recommend Magicman for anyone looking for this kind of repair work. Thank you Ashley!"

Michelle Humphrey, Chatham

"Absolutely amazed at the result.. I thought I would have to replace the whole window sill but after the repair, you would never have known it was ever damaged!! Lovely, friendly staff too.. Would highly recommend 😁"

Deryn Lewis , Crawley Down

"I burnt my work top and my insurance recommended Magicman. Alex the engineer did a good job. I hope it lasts. i never knew these things could be repaired. I will tell everyone about it and Magicman. Just one small problem some kind of resin spray on my washing machine that i cant get off."

Christine Northway, Reading

"Fixed a really difficult scrape in my wooden floor so well that i struggled to see where it actually was after they fixed it! The technician was excellent, prompt (arrived exactly on time) and did an excellent job. Highly recommend them. "

Bryn Thomas, Winchester

"Called Magicman to repair a slightly dented (0.5 cm) dishwasher door. Whilst the job itself was to a good standard, the engineer has damaged the dishwasher door, rubber isolation and electronics of the dishwasher, as he has unnecessarily removed the door. The kitchen plinth below the dishwasher is damaged too. In the end, Magicman have fixed one problem, but created three more. I will be updating this review as the damages get fixed, so need to see how they treat my complaint, however this has been a very frustrating experience. You need to make sure to stand by and watch over the engineer's shoulder to see and manage what is he actually doing. "

"Very mixed and frustrating feelings so far... Would give zero stars but let's see how they handle my complaint. I am expecting Magicman to fully cover the damage which I am sure will run into hundreds of pounds if not more."

Robert, Sevenoaks

"Brilliant service, very professional, friendly and pleased with the job. Fantastic."

Jessica , Grantham

"The repair was absolutely brilliant and carried out by a very professional and friendly technician. It is much better than I imagined it would be."

Frank Deans, Southampton

"Paul did a great job on fixing/sealing a peeling bathroom cabinet surround. He arrived promptly, worked efficiently and cheerfully, and it now looks as good as new. I would definitely recommend Magicman (and particularly Paul) for his high quality workmanship and no-fuss, can-do attitude."

DS, Cambridge

"My builder (brand new house) got Magicman in less than a year ago to repair various areas that had been damaged during the build."

"Some repairs were ok, and done quickly, but arguably the most important one - the shower tray in the master bathroom - has developed into a mess. Magicman is now saying that due to the lapse of time, it’s nothing to do with their repair, it’s a chemical reaction to cleaning products and they are washing their hands of it! "

"I was left no aftercare instructions, and in any case, a repair to a shower tray should surely be fit for purpose, ie able to withstand normal (in this case, very light) use and occasional cleaning products? And last for a great deal longer than under a year. It seems they don’t even guarantee their work for 12 months."

"Whilst the repair looked ok at the time, I now have two large, yellowing, rough patches, about 15cm (6”) round, where Magicman struggled to effect repairs to marks that were no more than 2.5cm (1”). "

"The technician Magicman sent was very young and had only been with the company a short time. I believe he has now left the company. He took forever to do these particular repairs, having whizzed around the others - he was here working on it for ages, kept trying different things, and the area he was working on kept expanding with his efforts, which was a bit surprising, but at the time it seemed ok when he’d finished. Little did I know how it would degrade - with even light use. "

"I expect Magicman will reply to this post defensively, as has been the tone of their emails to me, but there really is absolutely no defence. A shower tray repair should be able to cope with normal cleaning products and last just as long as the tray itself. Repairs I’ve had done in previous years by other, similar companies, remained perfect over time."

"Things do go wrong, that’s just life, but customer service is all about the manner in which problems get put right. Magicman (so far) scores a bit fat zero for that. Reading some of the reviews on other sites, it’s probably not surprising. It’ll be interesting to see if Magicman actually posts this on their own site!"

"I’ll update this review accordingly if Magicman does the right thing and gets the repair done properly. Otherwise I’ll also be onto Trading Standards, as outfits like Magicman should be responsible enough to effect repairs that are robust, and either put them right, or be held to account, when they go wrong."

"In the meantime, I would strongly advise others to avoid using Magicman, or at least approach with caution."

Verity , Leatherhead

"Dave was punctual and very polite. He did an amazing job on the kitchen doors and other surfaces that were damaged, you cannot tell that they have been repaired at all. The attention to detail was fantastic. Would recommend Dave's work to anyone. Totally satisfied, great value for money."

Kevin Carey, Elton

"Brett has visited very punctual this morning, polite and courteous, amazing professional. it was a hard and long job, at times irritating but this lovely guy persevered against the frustration and did an absolute miracle of a job, my bathtub is now like new. I am very grateful for the service I was provided with and definitely recommend Brett for a bonus for his courtesy, politeness, patience, skills and professionalism."

Diana Penrhys Evans, Leabrooks

"If I could rate magicman 0 stars I would. A repair was carried out on my bath today and looks terrible. You can see the repair. There is a mark within the repair. You can see the blending and the texture is different to the rest of the bath. To top it off the workman has damaged my hall carpet with his toolbox. There has been a sticky black mark left which is now coming off with carpet cleaner."

"Avoid. Do not waste your time. I had to use them for a bath and floor repair as insisted by the insurance company. Waste of time. "

Hannah Copley, Benfleet

"We had accidental damage to an expensive sideboard with a slate top, there was a fingernail chip to the front edge. Magicman arrived bang on time and completed the job with the minimum of fuss. The end result was fantastic, you could not see the repair at all. Thank you so much you've saved us a very messy and expensive insurance claim. "

David Simpson, Rochdale

"Following the initial contact with our insurance company Magicman quickly contacted requesting photos after which an appointment was made. The appointed hour was noon but the doorbell rang at 0800! Works was completed satisfactorily within the allotted time . Very pleased with results. My only negative comment relates to the timed appointment where it appears the information given to us and the person doing the work was rather different. It would be useful to confirm by email or SMS message the agreed time following verbal contact."

Ronald Scott , Weymouth

"Seen the great repairs on advertising from Magicman on laminate and melamine doors etc but when we asked for a similar repair we were told not possible, not so magic !!!"

Andy Tatum, London

We are sorry we were unable to meet your expectations on this occasion. Magicman are a spot repair and resurfacing company who quote based on photos of the damage sent in by the customer. This saves money for the customer as we don't have to charge for site visits to assess jobs. However the downside of that is that there are a few occasions where new information comes to light when the Technicians arrives on site. In case the size of the repair was considerably larger than photos suggested and we were unable to carry out the work.

"David arrived on time and completed all repairs to building damaged panels to an excellent standard. Good professional and courteous service, thank you."

John, Chichester

"John came this morning to repair a chipped ceramic tile on my kitchen floor. He was here nearly two hours and did a fantastic job. He matched the colour perfectly and I can hardly see the repair. Obviously time will tell how durable the repair is but first impressions are excellent. My initial enquiry was treated efficiently and the work was carried out a few days later. John, the technician who came to do the repair, was punctual and courteous and made no mess whatsoever."

Linda, Hampshire

"Did discoloured edges on kitchen doors and after 12 months they are much worse than they were originally now want money to put right there mistakes all we get is excuses. Have no faith in what they would do, if I could do minus stars I would."

Kathleen Huggett, Brentwood

"Excellent work done by Adam to repair a bath damaged when trying to replace a bath panel. It is amazing how good a job has been done. Would highly recommend Magicman, in fact I have to a local firm selling and installing bathrooms etc. They have made a note of the website so as to advise any customers requiring such a service."

Sue Matthews, Swindon

"Liam who carried out the work today did an outstanding job. He was punctual, very pleasant and polite, unobtrusive, a very clean and tidy worker, and the sink and bath looked like new when he had finished the repairs. If all company representatives were like him it would make things so easy to get done, and he is a great advert for Magicman. We cannot thank him enough, and are really looking forward to having a perfect bathroom back! Please convey our sincere thanks to him for his excellent work and approach. "

Vivienne Jarvis, London

"Great service by our technician Neil. Could not be more pleased with the excellent job he did. After repairing our kitchen floor tiles, we now have a kitchen floor that looks brand new. We would highly recommend Magicman with no hesitation."

Bev Jackman, Shropshire

"Great service from the technician who arrived on time and was very polite. The damaged bath surface is now back to its original sparkling finish. Thank you Magicman."

Peter K, Scarborough

"Wayne came to my flat yesterday to fix my damaged bath panel. What he did was simply a miracle. I really have no idea how he managed it but I am beyond pleased. I just wanted to say thank you as the damage to the panel distressed me and now I am so relieved. "

Asif, South London

"I had a repair done on a gloss breakfast bar back panel, which I wasn't happy with. I asked for a re-repair and this was done to mine & my clients satisfaction. I always judge a company on how good they are, when something goes wrong. Phil did a great job on doing the re-repair and restoring my faith in the Magicman service. Would definitely use their services again if needed."

Lee Carr, Sandbach

Thank you for your review and we're glad we were able to 'restore' your faith in us. Apologies we weren't able to get it right first time. Repairs to items with a high gloss finish can occasionally be tricky!

"One of your technicians 'Jakub" attended my property this morning to carry out a repair to my floor which a previous company said was not possible! I am amazed at what he has done. There is no visible repair to be seen. He was polite, conscientious and explained exactly what he was doing. I could do with people like him working for me. He's an asset to your company . "

Carmen and Wayne, Southampton

"Regarding your technician Simon : i am very pleased with the way he worked and his attitude with GT and the apartment purchasers . Also his work was to a very high standard."

Paul Redman, London

"Your operative turned up on time and did an excellent job. He had a very nice manner too. Very professional service from quoting to fixing."

Jeff Gibbs, Tamworth

"Awesome job. Stuart attended to address some issues with paintwork on newly installed aluminium doors. Impossible to tell that any rectification work had taken place. Furthermore, Stuart was a lovely guy, very efficient, tidy, polite and a great ambassador for the company."

Matthew Bridge, Market Drayton

"We wanted our bath repairing after the showerscreen exploded and left all chips on the bath edge, the repairman was here a few hours, but after he left we had a good look and you can still see a lot off chip marks, and there are spray drips down the bath. I would not recommend them."

Melvyn Robinson, Hinckley

"Very pleased with the repair to the dressing table top, cannot see where the damage was, would recommend Magicman to any one. "

David Runicles, Kidderminster

"Just wanted to say what a great job the technician did on our shower tray. Firstly the gentlemen who attended was a credit to Magicman. He explained everything and also all the After Care. We would not hesitate to use you again."

Michael Reid, Sutton

"I would just like to thank Tyler for all his work on Saturday his approach to work is very commendable and a credit to your company, I would not hesitate in having him work on any of our projects a true pleasure to work with. "

Daniel Latimore, London Wall Design

"I was surprised that a repair was even possible and was amazed at the quality of the work and the skill of the craftsman. So I say a big 'Thank-you' to Ryan. He is a credit to your company. Came on time and got the job done with a beautiful finish. "

Martin Bladon, Sutton Coldfield

"Amazing job! Had a chip in the worktop and it's vanished! Brett was great. Very professional and friendly. Would definitely recommend. Thank you!"

Francis Desta, Leicester

"Very pleased with the results of the repair on my chipped tile, and water stain on my kitchen side panel. I would definitely recommend them as they can save you a lot of time and money ."

Pamela Hughes, Chester

"I did not realise that your firm even existed but my tiler gave me your details. My brand new floor tiles accidentally got chipped so Ashley and Liam (the good looking one) came to the rescue. They were professional, polite and fantastic craftsmen. It is impossible to see where the repair was made and that is amazing. Magicman lived up to and surpassed my expectations. I have already recommend you to my sister and have another job that needs attention at my mother-in-laws house. Brilliant!"

Lynn Davis, Birling, West Malling

"Just had an engineer round to repair my worktop after a British Gas Engineer burnt it with a candle. I thought we would need new worktops but the marks have gone. Only took about 90 minutes as well. Amazing job. I’ve taken a couple of leaflets to pass to my colleagues in the Property Management Team at work as we are always looking for miracle workers. Would have no hesitation in recommending them to my friends and family x"

Sarah Wardle , Denton, Manchester

"Chris was really professional and courteous. He took his shoes off without asking, which was appreciated as we have just put down new flooring. Plus my partner was in bed post nights and he was therefore really careful with the noise level. Top technician. "

Paul, Bolton

"Alex, a polite and competent young man came to clean off, if possible to do so, carpet backing which had got stuck to our laminate flooring, after a large water spill, that had not been noticed by myself (as my husband had done it, cleaned top of carpet, but it had still gone through)... Alex did a patch test and this worked, so he went ahead and removed the much stuck backing, to a more than acceptable standard. Very pleased with the service and would highly recommend!"

Tina Woollard, Reading

"Your technician Sean from Glasgow came to repair a round candle burn on our worktop. We are delighted with the work he has done in restoring our worktop back to a very high standard that now shows no sign of damage. A very talented and extremely pleasant young man."

Helen Robb, Edinburgh

"Could not believe work surface could be restored so well. Admired skill and expertise of very pleasant worker."

Stuart Hamburg, Leeds

"If I could give a '0' star rating I would. Do not use this service. "

"We needed to repair 11 doors in our studio. Magicman completed a trial repair for us which was perfect. We agreed to go ahead with all 11 doors. On the technicians first visit, they ran out of time so did not complete the works within the estimated time. It took many calls to get them to actually return. When we finally got a technician back in the studio, he rushed the job and damaged the doors leaving them in a condition worse than when we started. Correspondence has been exchanged for two months now with no satisfactory resolution in sight. We feel so let down by Magicman. Again, do not use this service and save yourself the pain. "

Amanda Brearley, London

"Excellent, can't even see where the repair was carried out. Very professional and polite engineer."

John Trickett, Coventry

"I was apprehensive when I booked Magicman to repair two badly chipped tiles in my kitchen. The alternative was to drill out the tiles and risk ruining the underfloor heating. However I was delighted with Technician Johnny's work. Colour match and texture great . You no longer notice the chips ! Very happy!"

Liam Gleeson, Essex

"I just wanted to give a big thank-you to David who magically transformed a decorative tile for me. The tile, a 70th birthday present from my son in New Zealand, was badly damaged at the corners and the clay had been reduced to powder in some places. David worked with great delicacy and care and skilfully rebuilt the corners. With an extraordinary eye for colour and texture he then matched the complex colours and glazing. I pass the tile on the wall every day now and its like new. I'm a very happy customer. Thank you David and Magicman."

Judith Birkenhead, Derby

"We had Alex come to repair a bath. Very polite young man explained everything to me on how he would repair the bath. The finished result was amazing. Would recommend using Magicman."

Vitalii, Teddington

"Excellent, friendly and reassuring service from Dean. Repair to cracked bath completed with no fuss and with an outstanding result. Highly recommended."

Mr J Curry, Cramlington, Northumberland

"Chris came to repair a nasty 11cm ring burnt into our kitchen work surface. Some blistering had also occurred due to the excessive heat. He placed a cover on the floor, wore protective gloves and overshoes whilst he worked . He was very polite and friendly from the time he started to the time he finished. The worktop surface is not smooth as it has very small, irregular crevices throughout. Also the random colour scheme had a range from very subtle to quite definite. A challenge for anyone to attempt. Well, this man worked his magic and if I look really, really, really closely I can see where the repair is. Anyone who hadn't seen the damage would not know a repair had been carried out. The insurance people were very happy to use the company's service and I would recommend without hesitation. I have before & after photos to show unbelievers."

David Ruthin, Clwyd

"The technician arrived on time, was very helpful and polite and did a super job. We can’t even tell where the holes were, would definitely recommend."

Cheryl Lawless, Northwich

"British Gas damaged a tile when servicing our boiler. It was not possible to source a replacement but 'Magicman' sent a technician to repair the chip. He turned up on time, explained fully what work he would carry out and what the result we could reasonably expect would be. It was a very good job given the awkward position of the tile and it's condition. The work was completed within the quoted time and to a very high standard with no mess (dust sheets used) and we would have no hesitation in recommending the technician or your company. Great service from the original call by your office to completion!"

Michael and Yvonne O'Connor, Chichester

"Excellent job on bath and tile, just like new. Would highly recommend."

Aileen Cockburn, Galashiels

"Really impressed with the repair that was made to my limestone fireplace, you would never know where the chips had been. The repair technician, Sean was friendly and polite and explained what action he would be taking. "

S Harley, Livingston

"Delighted with the service, the marks are now invisible. So quick too. I will highly recommend your company."

Kate J, Leicestershire

"Technician Simon came to do repair. Very polite and helpful... Amazing job...cannot believe the workmanship."

"Finished job in half the time I was originally quoted. Can only give them 100 percent. Brilliant"

Angela E, London

"Very impressed right from the first email to the technician arriving on time. Put shoe protectors on without being asked. Carried out a first class job whilst being polite and friendly. Will recommend , very impressed."

Ian Nickless, Shrewsbury

"Phil, your technician, was brilliant. He not only did a great repair but was was polite and very helpful."

Malcolm Grant, Bingley

"Great service from Alex - rang prior to arrival when he was on route, repair was brilliant and you cannot tell the damage ever occurred. Superb and friendly service, would recommend and use again. "

"Thank you very much. "

Mark, Basingstoke

"Terrible customer service, having been told the fix was permanent and would not warp or crack, it cracked. Then had to wait 6 months to come and then to be told the cill has warped and it was not their responsibility. The reason for the warp at the joint they fixed was where there was an expansion joint before the engineer filled it in resulting in warping at the joint. In other words they filled in an expansion joint, not rock science but completely lack of skill , care and understanding on what they did."

Paul, Hereford

"A very professional service by Magic Man, the repair to our worktops was simply magic and totally invisible. The technician Neil was very professional and courteous, he removed all the waste material and the area was left spotless. "

"Brilliant job, thank you Magic Man"

Carl Bender, Chesterfield

"Fantastic quality of work to repair small area of a kitchen worktop that was flame damaged from the grill. The colour matching of the base colour and then spray painting the correct colour to match the wooden pattern of the worktop was excellently done. Now you cannot see any sign of the damaged area because the repair is so good."

Nigel Repper, Sheffield

"Today we had a repair on our worktop. My husband was sceptical, he didn't think it could be done. We were both amazed. Thank you Magicman. Saved us the stress and upheaval of having to have a new worktop. Top job. "

Mrs Dunks, Grimsby

"Truly outstanding service from the moment I made the online enquiry: responsive, punctual, professional and high-quality. I had been quoted over £3,000 by the managing agents for the flat to replace the bath as they said it could not be fixed. Your technician proved them completely wrong, delivered a seamless repair for a large (10cm long) hole in the bath and saved me significant expense and worry. The "before" and "after" pictures say it all. Thank you very much."

Euan, London

"Very disappointed. Your website suggests you'll repairs all sorts - chips, dents etc but when I sent you a request for a cupboard door including photos you replied instantly (less than 3 mins) that it's nothing you're interested in. No explanation. "

c k, Cambridge

"Very impressed with the service, the guy turned up on time and was really pleasant, he was really tidy and the repair itself is fantastic, you’d never of known the hole had been there, would recommend 100%."

Rory Hayden, Halstead, Kent

"Thank you to Ryan for repairing the plumbing hole and removing bleach stains to the kitchen laminate worktop - an extremely professional job!"

Emma Durham, Cheltenham

"I wanted to send you a quick note to tell you how impressed I was with the Magicman team that you sent to the Rotterdam drydock. The group was extremely helpful and professional at all times. I was astonished with the amount of miscellaneous tasks thrown at them during drydock and how well and how fast they accomplished them. The ship’s staff also came to me and requested their “magic”. Everyone was very impressed with the results of your team. Happy to welcome them back soon!"

Tamara, Holland America Line, Seattle

"Everything was great."


"Professional attitude in email correspondence and in person. Delighted by the end result."


"I'm absolutely thrilled by the job. It's amazing!"

Cliff, East London

"Been using the Magicman's services for over ten years, and will continue to do so."


"Very pleased. Impossible to tell the damage caused by vandals to a uPVC window, colour matched perfectly and good service all round."

Brian, Guildford

"I would like to express my thanks and gratitude for the repair to our draining board. The professionalism, expertise and attitude of your employee was excellent. I have informed the General Manager of my golf club of your service. He has your brochure for reference."

Ron, Bristol

"Great service from Magicman from start to finish. We were very impressed with the professionalism and craftsmanship of the technician who repaired our burnt worktop."

Mrs S. Taunt, Pontefract

"Your technician was professional, polite and a real ambassador for Magicman. I was very impressed that he took his shoes off at the front door. I cannot praise him high enough for the repair he carried out."

Steve, Plymouth

"The whole office is asking for the name of your business for personal use as they were so impressed!"

Gidden Place

"First of all, I would like to thank you for doing our works at the drop of a hat, your speedy response helped us and the client out of a sticky situation, and the two guys who did the spraying were a credit to your company, very user friendly, tidy, good workmanship and respectful to our needs."

Wates Construction

"Over the years M Price Limited has established excellent working relationships with blue-chip clients across the construction industry. In turn, we look for strategic partners who can offer the same personal touch and can deliver the quality and professionalism expected by our clients. We have always found Magicman able to meet our high standards, as well as able to react to both our and the client's needs."


"Just wanted to drop you a quick note to praise your service. To get an appointment within 24 hours of contact and have such friendly and knowledgeable staff is a real credit to your company. The technician has done an absolutely stunning job on the bath and cabinet damaged during the recent bathroom installation. He was friendly, polite and worked hard for hours without taking a break. He clearly is a perfectionist and that's great for customers like me."

"Even though I know where the damage and marks once were, even I am struggling to pinpoint them exactly. The bath and cabinet look like new and I am one very chuffed customer. I've bookmarked your site, saved your number and will tell all my friends and family about your service. You have been amazing, once again, thank you."


"Despite the fact that we took all of the necessary precautions, damage to surfaces is unfortunately inevitable on a project the size and scale of the Birmingham New Hospital Joint Venture. "

"We needed a company to assist us that could not only meet all of the stringent health and safety criteria associated with a Balfour Beatty site, but offer a response time and a range of services to fit in with our programme."

"Magicman ticked all of the relevant boxes. Magicman have proved themselves in delivering a professional service, saving us time and money and I will not hesitate in using them again on future projects."

Balfour Beatty

"David arrived on time, was polite and courteous and immediately removed his shoes having respect for our home which was a good sign. He made polite conversation whilst completing the job and I left him to it as I had other work to do. Well the results, I am astounded and in awe. Even looking 6 inches away, I cannot see the repair."

Mukesh, Reading

"Thank you very much for a great job you did for us today. The windows look new!! Peter was amazed when he got home."

Heather, Keighley

"I am just contacting you to say how delighted I am with the repairs carried out to my floor and stone worktop yesterday. I was so impressed by the quality of work and attention to detail by the very pleasant and professional craftsman who carried out the repair. I would have no hesitation in using your services again and would definitely recommend your services to others."

Him, Chelmsford

"What a wonderful job your technician did in repairing my Formica worktop which had a huge hole after a hot pan was put on it. Unfortunately, I was not able to see him perform his magic, but when we arrived at the property after the repair was complete, I honestly struggled to find the repair at all."

Axa Insurance

"We recently completed a £60 million office development for MoD. During the latter stages of the project, we engaged Magicman to attend to the inevitable damaged surfaces; mainly consisting of doors, but also glazing, laminates and sanitary-ware."

"Magicman did very well in coping with the MoD's strict access requirements and continued thereafter to deliver a professional and prompt service whenever called upon. We would not hesitate to recommend Magicman to any potential customers."

BAM Construction

"Magicman have exceeded our previous expectations of a surface repair company, particularly in the recovery of items usually deemed scrap. "

"We have found Magicman to be an extremely competent company, who deliver great results in a variety of forms, with efficient management, well presented and well-mannered staff attending every job, achieving unquestionable results every time they step onboard one of our ships."


"Excellent service supplied to fix a problem that was caused by an external contractor. Polite, friendly team that I would recommend in the future."

Mr. Middleton, Walsall

"The two technicians were fantastic!"


"Great service. We have only ever used Magicman."

Mace Plc

"I would definitely recommend Magicman and will use their services again."

Anthony, Swindon

"Luke is a very good tradesman. After all my life in construction, I loved his attitude to work."


"Very pleased with the resulting repairs, truly amazing service!"


"Absolutely delighted. Technician polite, friendly and very tidy. Most impressed with the quality of his work."

Anita, Bromley

"I just wanted to give some feedback on the technician who carried out the repair. The repair was very professional and even with the closest inspection, I could not tell it had been rectified. Also, the technician was very polite and professional, a real credit to your business."


"Magicman were appointed by PWS to resolve quality issues I have had with my kitchen. Their workmanship is clearly unquestionable, they take pride in their work and are keen to ensure they deliver the best finish for the customer. It is not often you find these qualities in people. I spent a lot of money on my kitchen, and felt very disheartened at the thought that I would never get the kitchen I had paid for. I am sat here looking at my kitchen now, and it's amazing. I can now look at my kitchen and feel really happy and proud of it as opposed to the anger of having spent lots of money on a sub-standard product. I wouldn’t hesitate to have you back and recommend you to anyone else. Obviously, this is not just down to the workmanship, it is down to the individuals involved who have exemplary in both manner and their skills. "

"May I make a particular comment on Tony. He is great asset to your company and has great customer facing skills, keeping me informed throughout the entire process. In fact, to ensure the best possible finish, he asked if he could erect a temporary spraying booth in my outhouse knowing that this would achieve the best possible result for me and one he would be happy with too. I can’t thank them enough and felt it was important to communicate this back to you. It’s people like this that make a company. They are the face of your business, and without them, it wouldn’t be the business it is. Kind regards from one very happy lady."

Victoria, Towcester

"Great service and a brilliant perfect job done on our repair! Thanks a lot. I will keep Magicman in mind for the future."

Mr Dundas, Lanarkshire

"I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the repair to my kitchen work surface. The final result is excellent - it looks as good as new. Ashley, your technician, did a great job and I was impressed with his dedication, efficiency and attention to detail. I would highly recommend Magicman to anyone looking for this type of repair work."

Robert, Chatham

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