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The range of hard surface damage repair services provided by Magicman can offer substantial savings of up to 80% when compared to the cost of replacement. With the cost of materials, delivery and consequential impact on surrounding fixtures and decor taken into account, replacing a damaged bath, shower tray, worktop or ceramic tile can become very expensive. Repairing the damage on site is far more cost effective.

Its for this reason that all property owners and managers appreciate the benefits of using Magicman for dealing with damage to fabric, fixtures and fittings. Furthermore, they appreciate the environmental benefits that result from repairs being carried out on site, which eliminates waste to landfill that arises from replacement.

It is also far more convenient to repair a damaged asset rather than having to source and purchase new items and arrange for contractors to deliver and install.

Magicman repairs are permanent, not cosmetic. A highly durable finish is achieved using materials and methodologies which its R&D team has developed. A high 'first time fix' rate is achieved.

Magicman has developed a range of innovative repair techniques for repairing damage to virtually all types of internal and external hard surface - wood, metal, uPVC, ceramic, stone, laminate, granite, marble, and even glass.


Services Resurfacing is a generic term which covers the application of a new surface to a substrate or old surface. Magicman carries out complete resurfacing, from bathroom suites and ceramic tiles to whole building facades or curtain wall. Magicman can even resurface items in a different colour to the original, giving a fresh new look to dated paint schemes. Magicman are experts in antique sanitary ware restoration and we are the first port of call for many management professionals working on listed and heritage buildings. Magicman can source and apply coatings for specialist applications, for example; anti graffiti, fire retardant or other specific requirements. In a domestic environment, resurfacing of a bath is more commonly known as re-enamelling. This is a misnomer as re-enamelling is a heat based process and can only be done in a factory Resurfacing will give new life to your item saving you the cost and trouble of replacement.


Damaged worktops

Cracked tiles

Scratched furniture

Chipped sanitary ware

Glass repair