Our 'Repair First' Approach saves you time and money

The benefit of repairing damaged fixtures and fittings when compared to replacement are particularly significant for insurance companies. Magicman works extensively with the insurance industry to help provide cost-effective repairs that fully satisfy policyholder quality expectations.

Magicman is able to achieve substantial savings for its insurance clients when the cost of its repair service is compared to that of replacement.


Savings of up to 80%

Common repairs that may be handled as part of an insurance claim include:

  • Chipped sanitary ware, such as a basin, bath, cistern, or shower tray
  • Scratched furniture 
  • Cracked wall or floor tiles
  • Chipped, scratched, dented, stained or burnt worktop

All of these damage problems are common causes of an insurance claim that can be swiftly and cost-effectively resolved using Magicman on-site repair techniques.

Furthermore, because we're available nationwide at a moments notice the inconvenience to the policyholder is significantly minimised, with a consequential positive impact on customer satisfaction ratings.


Damaged worktops

Cracked tiles

Scratched furniture

Chipped sanitary ware

Glass repair

We are following Government Guidance on the control of Covid-19 and take the health and safety of staff and customers extremely seriously. Our technicians are checked daily that they are safe to work and we do not attend any jobs where the customer has self-isolated. When our technicians are attending, they are wearing gloves and masks and respecting social distancing. For further guidance please visit the Government website.