Peerless glass polishing

Scratch Removal and Glass Repairs

We have our own division of glass polishers to deal with glass restoration, polishing and protection.  Our experts offer specialist on-site glass repairs as a cost-effective alternative to glass replacement and in a quicker time frame! 

Their precise skills are capable of restoring scratched glazing and glass surfaces to a sparkling finish. Replacing damaged glass can be very expensive. 

Magicman's glass expertise includes the following services:

GLASS REPAIRS - Polishing will restore clarity to the scratched area to leave a perfect finish.

We offer repairs to:

  • Scratched glass 
  • Shelled glass 
  • Spattered glass 

POLISHING AND SCRATCH REMOVAL - Magicman glass technicians use a range of precision tools and specialist resins and compounds to carefully polish out scratches and restore glass to its original condition.

Glass polishing can remove:

  • Scratches
  • Even deep scratches
  • Etched graffiti 
  • Acid graffiti 
  • Sandpaper & paint scraper damage
  • Weather and water damage
  • Mineral deposits
  • Builders' sand damage
  • Concrete, weld or grinder spatter 
  • Scaffolding and construction scratches

PROTECTION - Our glass filming service can significantly improve the insulation, safety, security and privacy of glass. Magicman glass technicians have the expertise to apply the most appropriate type of film to existing windows to achieve the optimum preventative solution.

Filming, coating and temporary treatments can offer protection, privacy or energy efficiency during or after installation:

  • Protective treatments for the duration of construction 
  • Tinted and coloured filming
  • Anti-glare filming
  • UV Solar filming
  • Anti-graffiti and vandalism protection
  • Anti-graffiti for public transport 
  • Protection from graffiti & vandalism for stations
  • Protection from graffiti & vandalism for airports
  • Anti-graffiti glass protection for public facilities
  • Bomb blast window filming
  • Manifestation for shop front windows/facades
  • Manifestation for office and in-store partitions

Magicman Glass are certified applicators of the Ritec ClearShield Eco-SystemTM ,  RitecoatTMProtec PeelGard® and Llumar® Films.

MAINTENANCE - Don’t tolerate dirty glass. Magicman can improve the appearance and light transmission of glass by applying an ‘easy clean’ non-stick hydrophobic coating. It prevents mineral deposits from accumulating and reduces the frequency of cleaning by half.

You can contact the glass enquiries team using the email address [email protected] or call 0345 458 1010.




Vandalism to glass panes including graffiti, scratches or acid damage can be polished out. This example was a store front which would have affected the reputation of the business if not removed quickly.



Removing scratches from glass. Our precision tools and expertise can remove scratches from all types of glass and glazed surface. Full clarity is restored with no visible impairment noticeable.


Glass repair

scratch reomavl from glass

graffiti removal from glass

chipped glass repairs

scratched glass repairs;

cracked glass repairs;

chip in glass;

chipped glass edge repairs