Worn and damaged items resurfaced or recoloured


Magicman® offer complete resurfacing to items internal or external. 'Resurfacing' is a generic term for the application of a new surface to a substrate or old surface.  Resurfacing will give new life to your item saving you the cost and trouble of replacement.

This service is available for:

  • Baths (all including Acrylic, Enamelled, Fibreglass) 
  • Basins
  • Conservatories
  • Sanitaryware
  • Tiles
  • Capping
  • Curtain Walls
  • Facades (any size)
  • Partitions
  • Shop Fronts
  • So much more ...just ask


Bath Resurfacing

Baths or entire bathroom suites can be resurfaced or recoloured and this occurs in situ. It is important for anybody wishing to have their baths refinished to know what kind of bath they have and what is possible in terms of finish. 

An acrylic bath has an injection moulded finish which has a very smooth flat surface and therefore normally free of any distortion. Coatings applied to a completely flat surface can sometimes show signs of an ‘orange peel effect’ which can occur more so on the vertical than the  horizontal plane. This effect is reduced as much as humanly possible by the skill of the sprayer, the equipment, and the product viscosity.

Enamel on a cast-iron or  pressed steel bath is slightly different. These two types of bath usually have undulating surfaces formed in the manufacturing process. Therefor any material that is sprayed applied is less noticeable of the ‘orange peel effect’ in its finished appearance. In a domestic environment, resurfacing of a bath is often commonly known as re-enamelling. This is a misnomer as re-enamelling is a heat based process and can only be done in a factory.


After Care with Bath Resurfacing

Products used to resurface baths can be susceptible to some ‘colourants’ from hair dyes, nail polish and some bathing products, such as bath bombs.

Sometimes these products cause staining to the cured coatings that have be applied to the bath surfaces. In most cases the staining can be easily removed using a car paint polishing compound, such like ‘T-Cut.’



Magicman® can even resurface items in a different colour to the original, giving a fresh new look to dated paint schemes. A great way to update your conservatory.


Antique, Listed and Heritage

We are experts at restoring antique sanitaryware and are the first choice for many management professionals working on listed and heritage buildings.

Specialist and Protective Coatings

We can also can source and apply specialist protective coatings, for example; anti-graffiti, fire retardant or other specific requirements.






Age has badly taken its toll on the glazed surface of this ceramic basin. Resurfacing restores it to a pristine finish, almost as good as new




Weary white conservatory? Bring it up to date with a new choice of colour.




This extensive building capping required skilful spraying from a two man team working in tandem to achieve this consistent and even surface.


Damaged worktops

Cracked tiles

Scratched furniture

Chipped sanitary ware

Glass repair